GCLS 2019 – What’s Over and What’s New

For the last year, I’ve been an eager participant in the year-long writing intensive program at the GCLS Writing Academy. I’ve met some amazing writers, learned from some of the best in lesbian fiction today, and shared some powerful stories with other authors.

(If you write lesbian fiction and want to learn more about the craft of writing, I **highly** recommend this program.)

Today, I graduated from the program in a ceremony held during the Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Membership Meeting. This is more of a beginning than an ending. Though my year in the program is over, my studies of the craft will continue as long as I’m a writer.

To celebrate, I’m giving away copies of my novella, BIG CITY BLUES, to anyone who joins my list this week. Here’s how this will work:

(1) Sign up here for my mailing list.

(2) Respond to email verification, if prompted.

(3) Check your inbox in a day or so for the downloadable PDF!

My ebook is available in other formats if you’d prefer. Check your favorite ebook retailer for details (or click on the image in the sidebar).

I can’t thank the amazing program coordinators enough for their hard and seemingly endless work.

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